Friday, 22 March 2013

All Womens Stalk

Hey you guys!

If you have an Iphone or Ipad I would highly recommend you to download this app! I use it several times a day. It is super great for inspiration, funny facts and much much more! It is totally free so check it out!

You can look at the topics you want to look at, or use the search to find whatever is on your mind! 

Luckily if you can't access Appstore they also have a website! Click on the link below and you will get straight to it.

 All Womens Stalk

Please leave a comment if you have any awesome apps or websites to share!

Lots of Love! xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013


I guess it won't come as a shock to anyone, that we've managed to collect a few nail polishes over the months. Actually I would say it is more like an addiction. I would love to try and make cool patterns, but I've failed every time!... 

However I did find these really chic pearls that you can put on to spice it up a bit. It looks very cute and you can get them in all different colours. I might invest in one with different colour pearls in, it could make a hot spring look! I bought these pearls in Claire's for only 5 £.
It is though very tempting to peel off, haha x

Lots of Love xxx


 Went to Hythe today, because we had to do some preparations for the fashion. Me and my lovely host sister went to grab some delicious lunch at Nutmeg. I had a salmon ciabatta sandwich yummy! It has been a freezing day! Non stop snowing! So what is better than spoiling yourself with some mouthwatering food?!

Hope everyone had a lovely day!
Lots of Love xxx

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Guess you all know this amazing website?! Well I am completely addicted! Please take a look at my profile or send me yours as I would looooooove to see your looks! I am quite new, but me and my friends are having tonse of fun taking pictures!!

Mine is: Josie Berthelsen

Here are some of my outfits:

Lots of love xxx

A walk down Memory Lane

So since I'm in England I figured I should make a memory box as I experience a lot of things here. It is a wonderful and very cute idea! I got this in Cornwall on holiday. I love the design. I bought some 'diamonds' that said "Dream" and "Friends" in a book shop. It gave a a personal look, I might design it a bit more if I find any cute accessories.

Inside it I have literally got everything. A silver crown from christmas dinner, bracelet from school, cinema tickets, drawings, my boarding pass, a shell and much much more. When I go home to Denmark I will make a post revealing what else is inside it.

It is a nice idea to collect small items as well and I think I will be very happy with it when I go home again. And once in a while take a stroll down Memory Lane...

Lots of Love xxx

Lace Dress


This is my new dress which i'm wearing for the fashion show we are hosting. I am absolutely in love with it!  I got It from Debenhams with 20 % off! Yes Yes Yes!! 

Of course you always need new shoes for a new
dress. So I got these gorgeous red heels, which
where also 20% off from Debenhams! Yay!

We got some local shops in Hythe to help
 us out with the fashion. They are so nice and 
they borrowed us loads of beautiful clothing! In one of the shops (Temptations) I saw this beautiful bag, while we were fitting the models, I even got a discount because we are hosting the fashion show! What are wonderful week of shopping. However extremely stress full with the planning of the fashion show! 

Room Tour

As an exchange student it can be difficult to feel at home in another family's house. It can also make it a bit harder if you share your room with another student, as you need to agree on how your room should look. Luckily I live with sweetest girl you could imagine, and we get along very well. You will definitely hear loads more about her in my future posts! :)

I've chosen to spice up my bed and bed table, to make it a bit more personal. With some nice pillows and a lovely soft blanket it all looks nice and tidy - and of course your favourite teddy bear from home! 

On my bed table I have a framed picture of my boyfriend, who sadly is in Denmark. I've made my own piggy bank in a cute shop in Hythe called Amazing Glaze. However this table gets very messy in a short time... 
My latest DIY is my cover, I will make another post about that ;)

Some sweet letters from friends and family. The dollar (fake) is from a party where you could play Poker. It was a really nice idea, and a very fun! Definitely something I would do if I had a party!
And of course there is used chocolate paper from Cadbury Wishes, which I think personally is the best chocolate!!!! Again I have a picture of my boyfriend so I won't forget how he looks.

This is my first post. At the moment I'm planning a fashion show, which is next Friday so there might go sometime until my next post, as it is a very busy and tiring project!

Lots of love xxxxx